At the Regional Congress of 2002 an annual award for excellence in the practice of landscape architecture within the Asia Pacific Region was established.

The competition is perhaps the most important vehicle for conveying the message of new responsibilities to all concerned. Competitions must continue to honour the best practitioners and the work they have done but also should use the occasion to help members of the profession, to participate, to experience and understand the changes, which are taking place in professional practice.

Collective knowledge and experience gained, is our greatest resource and thus it becomes our responsibility to share this knowledge not only with our members, but with others who are interested in the profession of landscape architecture.

The objectives of the IFLA-APR Awards Program are:

1.To encourage and recognize outstanding examples of work by landscape architects in IFLA-APR, especially in cultural landscapes field.

2.To take suitable steps to enhance the recognition of the landscape architecture profession and the practice of landscape architecture in the Asia Pacific region.

3.To encourage and promote the design, conservation and management of the environment.

4.To promote greater awareness of the goal of creating a healthy, sustainable environment through the active participation of the IFLA-APR members.

The awards will be given for three categories, as follows: 1. Landscape Design, 2. Landscape Planning, 3. Landscape Management

Past Awards

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