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Terms & Conditions

•    Priority will be given to proposals where positive impact & outcomes can be optimised with the least resources.
•    Priority would also be prioritized for projects that are able to be completed in the shortest time frame.
•    Projects may be in any place, any state, any country within Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.
•    All project realisation and selection are subjected to, but not limited by, considerations for safety, security, feasibility, impact and outcomes.
•    Initiator and/or landscape architects must be involved to make the preliminary assessment to ensure safety, security and any other associated issues are adequately studied for the project to be executed.
•    Landscape architects and any partners or volunteers involved work on pro-bono basis. No fees will be provided.
•    Landscape architects will be responsible for the documentation (including photos, videos, recorded conversation, etc) of the entire process from start to end with support from the project team.
•    The team will be responsible for personal travel and expenses incurred during the project unless agreed otherwise by the project sponsor.
•    Size of projects, under the evaluation of the initiator or landscape architect, must not be too big or exceed any of the following:
•    I) duration from start to end of project NOT MORE THAN 6 months
•    II) area not more than 1ha OR
•    III) estimated cost of project NOT MORE THAN $20,000
•    Estimated cost of project should mainly come from the construction and material cost; any reasonable cost for third party professional services may only be considered and pending approval by the Committee.
•    The Committee reserves the right to include or exclude any individuals to partake in the projects.
•    The Committee reserves the right to call for any interviews with the initiator via Skype call or any communication media.
•    Successful initiator is required to sign an agreement of undertaking and commitment to fulfil the project intent and objectives at his/her best with any possible means.
•    The Committee reserves the right to alter the scope and deliverables of the selected project.

If you are interested to propose a project or join a project, please email


8°33’51.8″S 125°39’51.9″E

1.    Living condition of the villagers in Sidara

There are 6 villages with around 225 families in this area.
Most live in houses made from palm fronds, some live in concrete houses with zinc roofs. Most people have dirt floors, some who have income from work have cement floors. During the rainy season, rain water drips into some houses – poor/damaged roofing. All homes have outdoor kitchens and cook using firewood.
There is no running water in the homes. The majority of homes are overcrowded, with sometimes up to 3 families living under one roof.
General hygiene(washing hands, taking showers etc) has improved as a result of education from Branca, a volunteered nurse from an Australian NGO, who has  lived among the community for 16 years, serving in the area of education, health and community development.
Most people still rear their animals near/inside their home compounds, sometimes the animals enter into their kitchens.

2.   Water quality and supply

Water source from the mountains. 15 years ago when Branca visited the community where the water source is, she found out that many children were dying from diarrhoea, from the contaminated water source. She then started a water project in that community to protect the water source – fencing it up, covering it and piping the water to the homes. Lives started improving as the water quality improved. 4 years ago, Branca visited the water source and found that there wasn’t maintenance done and most of the covering/protection for the water source was destroyed. Many have diarrhoea and water related  sicknesses now because they have been drinking from a dirty water source directly. There are also skin problems related to a contaminated water source.

3.    Livelihood of villagers

Some villagers work as cleaners employed by the government in Dili, most sell wood/local produce e.g. sago. Some work in the local schools as teachers.

4.    Microfinance through farming

Seven families work together on a church land growing vegetables and fruits which they sell in the local market (a central market which serves 6 hamlets (sub-villages) and also some outlying villages). They keep the income earned from the sale of the produce and use it for their own necessities. Some vegetables and fruits are also used for the school (Kids’ Ark) and the disability centre. Depending on weather conditions and also the yield/quality of the vegetables/fruits, each month’s income ranges from $150-400. Sometimes, entire crops can be destroyed by animals who enter the farmland (because of the lack of a secured fence), or by bad irrigation or extreme weather. When these happens, everything on the land is lost/destroyed.

5.    Weather in Sidara

The months of November, December and January are the rainy seasons. The rest of the year is the dry season. During the dry season, winds can be very strong and the extreme weather makes it difficult to grow crops. During seasons of extreme dry weather in Sidara, some villagers go up to the hills to plant crops like tubers/potatoes etc so at least there is something to sell/sustain livelihood.

6.    Communal space

No permanent space for community enjoyment right now, but shelters/tents are put up as a communal space when there are community events.

Above information is provided by Branca through personal interviews and email exchanges with Mr Damian Tang, IFLA Asia Pacific President.

Mr Damian Tang is taking the lead to design and implement this pilot project with target completion 2019.

If you are interested to join him in this project, please email your interest with subject Project Sidara

Landscape architect’s role

The project is to design and implement a water management system to create a sustainable water source; to redesign and implement better/ conducive farming facilities, a communal garden for villagers to enjoy and a simple field for kids to kick a ball. It is a simple project with high impact that falls within a hectare and should not exceed the budget of $20k.

Target: The pilot project aims to benefit minimally 3 villages of about hundred over families with more than 500 members.

Expected commitment for the project

Off-site study – Information gathering, objectives & outcomes, identify the site, scope and contact person (DONE)
Site visit #1 – Site feasibility studies, pre-construction documentation, design and recommending/ finalizing design & action plans (3-5 days)
Site visit #2 – Design improvement & Implementation (approx. 8 days)
Site visit #3 – Post construction documentation, interviews, feedback and observations


Reveal 115 Winners of the IFLA AAPME Awards 2018

19 July 2018 (Thursday)
7.00pm – 10.00pm
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands Singapore 
All Award winners will be honored at the IFLA World Congress Awards Gala. Cost of Gala Dinner will be charged separately under IFLA2018.
*see the available packages below the Award Recipients List
Outstanding Award – Above 86
Outstanding Award is the highest award honoured for IFLA AAPME Awards 2018 where the project exceeds all areas of expectations in terms of quality, standards and thought leadership of design and practice, making it an exemplary project and benchmarks for others.

Award of Excellence – 76-85
Award of Excellence is the prestigious recognition for excellence in overall planning, design quality and practice, strongly demonstrated in the process and execution of the works under its category.

Honourable Mention – 65-75
Honourable Mention is a deserving honour and recognition for the good quality and high standards shown in the landscape architecture project for its planning, design and practice under its category.

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Nominations for IFLA APR Election 2018 Now Open!

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IFLA AAPME Award – Resilience by Design to Co-Create

IFLA AAPME Jury Panel is formed by 13 IFLA national association presidents from Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions who will be judging the entries for Stage 1. Only accepted entries will proceed to Stage Two.

Stage Two and Final Stage Jury Panel consists of 14 distinguished members from 100 Resilient Cities, ICOMOS, World Green Building Council, Sasaki, World Heritage Institute of Training and Research, IFLA Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East regions, including recent Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award winner Emeritus Professor Dirk Sijmons and our IFLA President Professor Kathryn Moore.

With the respected credentials and prestige grounding the award, IFLA Asia Pacific Region is also pleased to announce UNISEAL GLOBAL PTE LTD as the AAPME Founding Sponsor for this Award. UNISEAL has pledged a total sum of up to $100,000 for two years to implement resilience building projects for communities in the AAPME regions. More details will be shared at a later stage.

Call for Entries – IFLA AAPME Awards 2018

IFLA AAPME Awards 2018 – Resilience by Design is an inaugural award initiated by the IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East (AAPME) regions. Organised by the IFLA Asia Pacific region and Co-Chaired by the three IFLA regional presidents, it is an international award for landscape design and planning recognition that is open to all IFLA regions and practitioners around the world for projects within the Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Award offers unlimited submissions and free registration to all.

It is the first ever cross-regional collaborative platform created to showcase single and multidisciplinary projects grounded in the landscape, with the intention of building resilience in our urban and natural systems. The Award is also a call for examples of climate change adaptation, responsible practice and the pursuit of joint efforts to address issues of resilience building, illustrated with actual case studies.

Resilience is a goal. Building resilience is a continual process. There are many different areas of focus and challenge within resilience which are reflected in the award categories. Some of these categories also aim to focus on the intricate facets and outcomes that landscape architects have to support, protect and strengthen during the process of building resilience in our cities and our environments.


All projects MUST be based in Africa, or the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions as defined by IFLA’s organisational structure.

You may also refer to the following Wikipedia links for reference.


Please refer to the award brief

Entry registration form can be downloaded here.


2 Feb 2018 12pm Singapore Time Zone (SGT), UTC +08

The Awards Organising Committee reserves the right to extend or not extend the submission deadline. No negotiation shall be made.


Questions? Interested to sponsor an award category? Please contact Ms WONG Si Ying, IFLA AAPME Awards Secretariat, at

Announcement of IFLA APR Election Result 2017

Following the election for the role of President of the IFLA APR held between 30th Aug – 30th Sept 2017, the chart below shows that the incumbent, Damian Tang, has been re-elected for a further two year term.

As a result, Mr Damian Tang was elected as the IFLA APR President for the 2017 – 2019 term.


As there is no other contestant for the Honorary Secretary position, an election is not required and thus Associate Professor Mike Barthelmeh will hold this appointment from 2017 to 2019.

On behalf of IFLA APR, we would like to thank all our members, industry partners, sponsors and fellow  professionals for their support and contributions in our achievements. We look forward to your continual support for IFLA APR as the new council embarks on an exciting journey ahead.

IFLA World Congress 2018

Organised by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), the 55th IFLA World Congress will be held in Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 18 – 21 July 2018.

Held in conjunction with Singapore Garden Festival 2018 which will take place on 21 – 29 July 2018, National Parks Board is the Organising Partner of IFLA World Congress 2018.

IFLA 2018 will be held in Singapore, the ‘City in a Garden’, which is also recognised as a Biophilic City. This vision reinforces the importance of landscape architecture, in partnership with other disciplines, in the continuous shaping of our living environment.

IFLA 2018 will bring the industry together to reflect on the interaction between urban and natural environments. The Congress will host a privileged field for conversation in the context of greening strategies within rapidly growing cities, application of potential technologies to provide insight into design processes and capacities to adapt to changing environmental conditions. IFLA 2018 will also continue to investigate emerging questions in the practice of landscape architecture with communities, architecture and engineering through the themes of Biophilic City, Smart Nation and Future Resilience.

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IFLA APR Congress – Early Bird Extended

Dear National Delegates & Members

2017 IFLA Asia-Pacific Reginal Congress Organizing Committee is pleased to announce an extension period for the special rate packages for the congress registration during the Early Bird period from now until the 15th August 2017.

However, the information for the Early Bird Packages extension period still not up on the website, but will officially launch as soon as possible to reduce any confusion.


Organizing Committee

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IFLA Asia – Pacific Student Charette and Design Competition 2017

Dear National Delegates & Members

2017 IFLA Asia – Pacific Regional Congress Organizing Committee has announced an introductory information for the Student Charette and Design Competition per the pdfs attached below.

The 3-days program workshop will be started on the 30th October 2017 to the 1st of November 2017 at the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University and Local Venue at Bangkrachao Conservatory District in Bangkok.

The Application deadline of the Student Charrette will be the 25th August 2017.

Please feel free to contact us via email,, for more detail information.

Along with the Student Charette, the Organizing Committee has also announced the Student Design Competition under the theme of ‘BLUE//GREEN//CULTURE’ where you can find the introductory information in the pdf below.

The submission deadline for the Design Competition will be the 15th of September 2017, and the announcement of the 10 – Shortlisted Entrants on the 1st of October 2017.

For the Student Design Competition, please feel free to contact us via,, for more detail information.


2017 IFLA APR Congress

Organizing Committee



2017 IFLA Asia-Pacific Regional Congress – Special Rate Packages

Dear Delegates and IFLA APR Members,

2017 IFLA Asia-Pacific Regional Congress Organizing Committee is pleased to announce special rate packages for the congress registration during the Early Bird period from now until the 31st July 2017.

The registration fee can be paid by PayPal and direct transfer, which the EOC will provide a confirmation letter via email after the transaction completed.

For more information for the Early Bird Packages, please visit our website at or contact us via email at  if there are any queries or further information we can assist.

See you in November!!!


2017 IFLA APR Congress

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