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blog | iflaapr.org - Part 2


How Landscape Might Influence…The Way We Travel

Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore
Images Courtesy of Safdie Architects

Landscape architecture is so broad and diverse that its influence and reach never fails to amaze us. Sometimes it surprises us with outcomes that we may not be aware of. It could even impact us in ways we live, move and co-exist in this world.

Here is a glimpse into how landscape might influence the way we travel. With the Jewel at Changi Airport Singapore due to open on 17 April, this 135,700 sq.m complex filled with lush greenery and a stunning water feature integrated with a seamless shopping experience has many travellers altering their travel plans just to make a stop or transit here. Travellers are looking for a more meaningful and experiential journey when they travel,and it looks like landscape and greenery is an answer that moves way beyond the usual retail and shopping experiences. Hong Kong International Airport, for example, is developing the 25ha SkyCity mega -ntegrated development. It is set to be completed in phases in the coming decade

So the next time you have a plan to make a stop or transit at an airport in any part of the world, you may be consciously making a choice to stop at one where it offers you lush greenery and a memorable experience.

Project Info:

  • Project name: Jewel Changi Airport
  • Client: Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte Ltd
  • Location: Changi Airport, Singapore
  • Building area: 134,000 sqm
  • Program: airport operations, indoor gardens, leisure attractions, retail offerings, hotel facilities
  • Design architect: Safdie Architects
  • Project design: Moshe Safdie
  • Project principals: Jaron Lubin, Charu Kokate, Greg Reaves
  • Design team: David Foxe, Seunghyun Kim, Benjy Lee, Dan Lee, Reihaneh Ramezany, Laura Rushfeldt, Isaac Safdie, Damon Sidel, Temple Simpson, Andrew Tulen
  • Executive architect: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd
  • Landscape design: PWP Landscape Architecture
  • Executive landscape architect: ICN International Singapore
  • Structure: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd
  • Façades: Buro Happold
  • Engineering ESD: Atelier Ten
  • MEP: Mott Macdonald
  • Signage/wayfinding: Pentagram and Entro Communications
  • Retail interiors: Benoy
  • Water feature: WET design
  • Lighting: Lighting planners associates

Tohoku Post-Disaster Research Meeting with APR President

What do we really know about the landscape dimensions of reconstruction works in the aftermath of disasters? Mr Damian Tang, President of IFLA Asia Pacific Region, had the privilege of being invited by Assoc. Prof. Misato Uehara from Shinshu University and Japanese delegate to IFLA to the former disaster site in Tohoku prefecture, stricken by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. The two days of research and knowledge exchange was held in early March, a fruitful trip with some insightful site visits. The invaluable exchanges and understanding of the breadth and depth of reconstruction works undertaken by government agencies, volunteers and the survivors opened up a new chapter of empathy and great admiration for the courage, effort and human spirit expressed by all participants.

Some of the key learning points came from later reflection by Damian on his experiences in Japan. For example:

  • Time pressure called for rapid civil engineering solutions, leaving ecological and landscape strategies as secondary considerations. But is that a necessary consequence of a disaster response? If, at a planning stage, ecological buffers are zoned for phase two or later reconstruction, these buffers could possibly act as future tsunami protection by providing first wave breaks and slowing down flow speeds, allowing a prolonged evacuation period especially for elderly people. Buffers could also even offer possible multiple defence lines, using fallen trees for survival buoyancy. There are many uncertainties and also many possibilities. A call for further research is needed in such areas.  
  • Is a bottom-up planning process important even when time is tight? Yes it is. But it is important to understand the psychological readiness for engagement of these community consultation platforms. As shown in Tohoku case study, victims and survivors want to vent their anger, frustration and sadness at someone. The first two sessions were more about listening, with just a few simple objectives. Subsequent sessions became more collaborative. Simply put, ground-up workshops are about communication and education both ways. It is a time where trust needs to be built before real conversations can be fostered. 
  • Different municipalities use different methods and have different protocols because they have different resources. What is important is to understand the constraints and see which level can fill the gaps. What can different experts and volunteers lead or contribute in their respective areas?
  • Disaster victim recovery stages are critical and choices are important during, for example, resettlement. Some in Tohuku wanted to face the sea again; some just don’t want to see or hear the sounds of waves ever again. This takes planning considerations to a deeper psychological level, which again, Tohoku has brilliantly and successfully undertaken to help the survivors in their progressive recovery. 

There are many more findings and learning points from this trip. IFLA APR will be announcing key plans to support more climate change initiatives and resilience building research exchanges on an international level. We may not be able to save the world, but we can positively impact communities.

IFLA-APR Industry Newsletter Issue No. 4

We urge all participants to register and submit your company’s most outstanding projects as soon as you can, but no later than Sunday, 31 March 2019.

IFLA AsiaPac Registration Instructions

1. Click on LA Awards to register your project(s), or Luminary Awards button to nominate someone worthy of this.
2. Click on the ‘REGISTER’ button and fill in all necessary details
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2019 Student Design Competition

In conjunction with this year’s IFLA World Congress in Oslo, the organisers invite students in small groups to interpret the concept of “common ground”. The challenge is to develop a new identity for the proposed Grønvold Park as a new sustainable link in Hovinbyen’s larger transformation.

Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award

The IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award is the highest honour that IFLA can bestow upon a landscape architect. It recognises one’s unique and lasting impact on the welfare of society and the environment and on the promotion of the profession of landscape architecture. The nominee must be an academic or practitioner whose merit, talent and actions are respected internationally.

Tohoku Reconstruction Project

Following the major 2011 Tohoku disaster in Japan, Dr. Misato Uehara planned a research meeting on March 14-16 2019, to discuss the possibility of a future Landscape Architect CPD programme and 2021 APR programme in Japan. The meeting will be held in Fukushima Prefecture Shinchi Town, a site that once hosted the AAPME Awards.

Professor Uehara expects that the exchange of ideas will lead to a new proposal for CPD. This would promote international education and collaborative research on landscape architects in the Asia Pacific region.

Timor Leste Building Project

Dear Sponsors,

Thank you for your kind contribution. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully received more than SGD25,000 for Project Sidara in Timor Leste.

Following the on-site feasibility studies and site investigation undertaken by myself and Mr Terence Tan, from Greenearth Landscape Designers & Planners, in Oct 2018, the water boring contract has now been signed with H2O. H2O is a Australian professional water drilling company in Timor Leste. The water drilling works will commence in mid March 2019. 

Following is the breakdown of contribution by each sponsor. We are pleased to have Mr Guru, Landscape Engineering and Mr James Lim, Uniseal to be the anchor sponsors for this resilience building project in Timor. 

Name Company Amount
Mr B Gurumurthy Landscape Engineering Pte Ltd SGD 5,000.00
Mr James Lim & Ms May Choo Uniseal Global Pte Ltd SGD 5,000.00
Mr Tay Kerk Khong SGD 2,000.00
Mr Siah Hung Wee CPC Construction Pte Ltd SGD 2,000.00
Mr Cheong Yow Kin SGD 1,000.00
Mr Eng Lam Goh BNL Services Pte Ltd SGD 1,000.00
Mr Jason Sim Playpoint (Singapore) Pte Ltd SGD 1,000.00
Mr Eng Tok Ching Kenny Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd SGD 1,000.00
Mr Eng Tok Ching Kenny Gardenasia Pte Ltd SGD 1,000.00
Mr Kenny Tan LINK (THM) GROUP SGD 1,000.00
Mr See Hwa Neo TENarchitects SGD 1,000.00
Mr Terence Tan How Moh Greenearth Landscape Designers & Planners SGD 1,000.00
Mr Kenneth Tong De Electrical  SGD 1,000.00
Mr Damian Tang SGD 1,000.00
Additional contribution 
Mr Damian Tang Up to SGD 2,000.00 to cover flight, accommodation and on-site management & supervision; personal contribution
Mr Terence Tan Up to SGD 2,000.00 to cover flight, accommodation and on-site management & supervision; personal contribution
Mr See Onn Yeow  USD 500.00 to cover additional tank cost and surface piping works; personal contribution
Mr Lim Kok How SGD 100.00 to cover farming basic tools, seeds and supplies; personal contribution

We will continue to update on the progress of the project in April.

For the latest Project Sidara updates this month, click on ‘Download’ below.

Best regards,

Damian Tang President, IFLA Asia Pacific region

IFLA-APR Industry Newsletter Issue No. 3

IFLA World Congress 2019

The Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects (NLA) will be hosting the 2019 IFLA World Congress at the Oslo Congress Centre. The 3-days congress aims to inspire, challenge and intrigue you to share and reflect on the knowledge that is developed, presented and discussed.

Landscape Architecture & Luminary Awards Reminder

We’d like to remind everyone about the IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture (LA) and Luminary Awards. We recently opened the awards for online submissions where you have the option to enjoy a 50% corporate membership discount. Send us your best company projects to stand a chance to win among the many categories.

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2019 IFLA World Congress – Walks & Talks

As part of the IFLA World Congress, there will be WALKS + TALKS to some of the most interesting areas of development in Oslo on 20 September 2019. Join the trail along the seafront and the main waterways where some of the main transformation-areas are found. Expect theme walks on urban ecology and green mobility, and visits to historical and contemporary parks and urban open spaces. Consider planning your trip to Oslo!

UNESCO Award – Kaomi Estate

UNESCO Asia Pacific has awarded a Thai cafe for the first time under the Cultural Heritage Conservation for New Design in Heritage Contexts 2018 to Kaomai Estate 1955, a hipster cafe with an unforgettable design.

IFLA-APR Industry Newsletter Issue No. 2

IFLA AsiaPac Landscape Architecture Awards

IFLA APR is proud to host its 11th IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture (LA) Awards and an inaugural LA Luminary Awards Ceremony to be held on 8-10 November 2019 in Cebu City as part of the 2019 IFLA Asia Pacific Congress.

The prestigious IFLA Asia-Pac LA Awards aims to create a stronger awareness and recognition of landscape architecture as one of the professions that have played a key role in shaping our cities and our environments towards a better, more resilient future.

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Entries to the awards provides you and your company with significant opportunities for recognition of excellence. Give your project the attention it deserves by giving it a chance to be rewarded in our prestigious ceremony. Don’t forget to deliver all your project submissions by 31 March 2019.

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Timor Leste Building Project

Following the inaugural AAPME Resilience by Design Awards 2018, IFLA APR launched the first pilot resilience building project for communities in Timor-Leste. Project Sidara was personally led and project managed by our IFLA APR President Mr Damian Tang and co-managed by Mr Terence Tan, Greenearth Landscape Designers & Planners. It is now gaining traction with the sponsor’s funding for the project. Preliminary site investigation and feasibility studies are also completed. The project aims to provide sustainable water sources and improve the micro-farming provisions and infrastructure for the community.

Volunteers, we need your help!

ExCo would like to continue giving opportunities to each delegate and/or national association to nominate a person responsible for collating relevant national information of interest to the wider regional community and forward this to our secretariat at ifla.apr@mci-group.com. This would be much appreciated to enrich our community with regular newsfeeds and give you a chance to share your activities and achievements over time.

IFLA-APR Industry Newsletter Issue No. 1

Launch of AsiaPac LA Awards – Judges to meet in Shanghai

The ExCo is excited to confirm that our biennial IFLA AsiaPac Landscape Architecture and Luminary Awards will be held once more in 2019. These prestigious international awards were well supported by our Asia Pacific region national associations when first held in 2017. This year, a partner organisation, Asian LandscapeArchitecture Society (ALAS), has kindly provided sponsorship to allow an early inauguration of the jury and a meeting of distinguished members of the key judging panel for the 2019 awards. The jury meeting will be held in Shanghai on 6 January 2019, where the awards will be officially launched, and the judging panel confirmed to member organisations in the region.


ExCo and the secretariat are keen to explore adding value for IFLA APR members through association with relevant industry events. This will allow further networking and business opportunities targetted to trade events across the region, such as for building architecture, resort development or real estate investment showcases. Any such trade events would be carefully curated by ExCoand the secretariat, to maximise the potential to add value and make business connections across the region. For example, there is an Asian Attractions Expo inShanghai in June next year that would make a great first trade event for IFLA APR members.


The Education Committee of the IFLA APR wishes to remind all delegates that the IFLA World Council ratified the process and protocols for landscape architecture education programme accreditation in our region. This is especially relevant to those programmes where the national association is yet to formally prepare and adopt their own accreditation system to meet IFLArequirements, or where an individual programme wishes to benchmark their graduates to a global standard. ExCo would appreciate it if all delegates could please notify any education providers in their country who meet the above criteria about the opportunity for them to review their programme against a global benchmark. Any providers which are interested in taking this further are invited to contact the secretariat in the first instance.

IFLA is building a COMMUNITY

IFLA APR is caching up with the need to engage better with our regional landscape architect’s community. The first step has now been taken by integrating IFLA-APR activities on a new events platform made for associations.  Now we need your help by spreading the word and inviting your colleagues in the industry, whether supplier, contractor or client, to join the community where soon we will be able to share and learn more from each other.

Registering a profile withIFLA APR is the first step. From there you can start contacting participants of the various events you partake in, transfer your event schedule into your calendar and download conference papers.

IFLA APR Corporate Membership

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Corporate entities can now become members of the IFLA APR, under the recently approved IFLA APR Constitution. This is a key opportunity to become part of a community of influential organisations and figureheads, within the leading association representing the interests of landscape architects in our region.

It is a significant milestone for the profession, allowing related businesses and organisations to increase their connection and profile within the profession regionally, enabling you to learn, engage, share, develop and grow within the network.

Working with business

The aims of the IFLA Asia Pacific region are to support, inform, educate and provide opportunities to enable built environment and landscape industry businesses to be more closely involved with the profession of landscape architecture. All organisations which are involved in any aspect of landscape design and practice including professional or regulatory compliance, public protection or contribute to economic, environmental, or social well-being are invited to become corporate members. We welcome all businesses from small firms to large national and international enterprises, who have the same alignment and interest as the IFLA APR to contribute to building better and more sustainable environments and liveable cities in the Asia Pacific Region.

Value of membership to your business or organisation

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  • Any business, company, corporation, education institution, government entity or association dealing with the built environment or landscape products or services in the IFLA APR that is aligned with the broad goals of the IFLA APR is eligible to apply.
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  • USD500 (2 years for emerging economies)
  • USD500 (1 year for mature economies)

The fee for a IFLA Asia Pacific Region Corporate shall be reviewed annually by the Regional Council.

Each business entity enjoys a reduced entry fee for the first project submitted to the annual IFLA Asia Pacific Region LA awards 2019.

Terms and Conditions

  • IFLA APR Corporate Member does not constitute an IFLA or IFLA Asia Pacific Region endorsement of any goods or services.Corporate Members are not eligible for access to other category membership privileges under IFLA APR constitution unless stated otherwise.Corporate Members are not eligible to serve on the IFLA APR Council, nor do they have voting rights.
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OPEN Category


The OPEN category aims to encourage submissions from, but not limited to, product or system suppliers, contractors, specialists, architects, engineers, artists, developers, playground designers, graphic designers, horticulturists, who are contributor to any landscape projects. Following sub-categories embrace the importance of these professions and partners who have played an important role in successful projects where:

i. their role and scope of works may be limited but significantly integral to the outcome of the project;

ii. their works and scope contributed to the landscape industry, the urban landscapes and the liveable environment.

This category is open to non-landscape architecture firms. However, the landscape architects should make recommendations to their partners to support and encourage their submissions. This category MUST all be built projects. 

Courtyard & Small Gardens – focus on quality turnkey projects of small landscape spaces and the quality of intimate spaces created for user’s experience.

Environmental Art & Sculpture – focuses on the efforts and design of the artist or author who understood the design intent and context of the place with the added mastery of his/her work.

Greenwall design -focuses on the design and implemented greenwall systems to ensure the quality of aesthetics and sustainability are well integrated. The context of the place, challenges and climate must be taken into considerations. 

*Integrated architecture – focuses on the efforts and design of architects, builders or implementors who worked closely with the landscape architects to ensure the holistic integration of the architecture with the landscape. Please see note.

*Integrated engineering – focuses on the efforts and design of various engineers who made contributions to the success of the projects. Please see note.

Lighting & Night experience – focus on the creative lighting or effective light installation that enhances the night experience aligned to the design intent of the place and project.

*Maintenance – focus on the quality of maintenance by contractors who have understood the design intent of the past completed projects and upkeep/ improve the integrity of the project to the highest standards. Please see note.

Play & Playground design – focuses on the playscape and the use of appropriate play equipments or fun elements to enhance the quality of the space and experience of the users.

Real estate& Show flats – focus on the exquisite design and execution of landscape projects for real estate and property show flats where developers are proud of. 

Streetscapes& Planting – focus on the design and implementation of streetscapes from effective landscape strategy, good planting palette to quality implementation.

Way-finding& Signage  – focus on the creative design and effective way-finding strategies to enhance and complement the holistic approach of the project. The signage design and content should reflect the design intent and thoughts of the landscape architects or clients or the context of the place.

Note: *This sub-category submission requires an accompanied letter of support/endorsement of quality by the client or landscape architect. This support is to ascertain the quality and understanding of both parties. Signature and endorsement stamp of the supporting company is mandatory.


  • USD 800 per submission.
  • USD 300 per submission for IFLA Asia Pacific Corporate Member (To join our Corporate Membership, please click here)

Submission Requirements

A1 digital Portrait poster submission of 300dpi resolution AND quality PowerPoint slides with high quality images of no more than 20 slides. All write ups must be clearly  incorporated. Please notethe requirements of supporting letters for Integrated architecture, Integrated engineering & Maintenance.


Terms & Conditions

•    Priority will be given to proposals where positive impact & outcomes can be optimised with the least resources.
•    Priority would also be prioritized for projects that are able to be completed in the shortest time frame.
•    Projects may be in any place, any state, any country within Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.
•    All project realisation and selection are subjected to, but not limited by, considerations for safety, security, feasibility, impact and outcomes.
•    Initiator and/or landscape architects must be involved to make the preliminary assessment to ensure safety, security and any other associated issues are adequately studied for the project to be executed.
•    Landscape architects and any partners or volunteers involved work on pro-bono basis. No fees will be provided.
•    Landscape architects will be responsible for the documentation (including photos, videos, recorded conversation, etc) of the entire process from start to end with support from the project team.
•    The team will be responsible for personal travel and expenses incurred during the project unless agreed otherwise by the project sponsor.
•    Size of projects, under the evaluation of the initiator or landscape architect, must not be too big or exceed any of the following:
•    I) duration from start to end of project NOT MORE THAN 6 months
•    II) area not more than 1ha OR
•    III) estimated cost of project NOT MORE THAN $20,000
•    Estimated cost of project should mainly come from the construction and material cost; any reasonable cost for third party professional services may only be considered and pending approval by the Committee.
•    The Committee reserves the right to include or exclude any individuals to partake in the projects.
•    The Committee reserves the right to call for any interviews with the initiator via Skype call or any communication media.
•    Successful initiator is required to sign an agreement of undertaking and commitment to fulfil the project intent and objectives at his/her best with any possible means.
•    The Committee reserves the right to alter the scope and deliverables of the selected project.

If you are interested to propose a project or join a project, please email asiapac_uniseal_rbfund@yahoo.com


8°33’51.8″S 125°39’51.9″E

1.    Living condition of the villagers in Sidara

There are 6 villages with around 225 families in this area.
Most live in houses made from palm fronds, some live in concrete houses with zinc roofs. Most people have dirt floors, some who have income from work have cement floors. During the rainy season, rain water drips into some houses – poor/damaged roofing. All homes have outdoor kitchens and cook using firewood.
There is no running water in the homes. The majority of homes are overcrowded, with sometimes up to 3 families living under one roof.
General hygiene(washing hands, taking showers etc) has improved as a result of education from Branca, a volunteered nurse from an Australian NGO, who has  lived among the community for 16 years, serving in the area of education, health and community development.
Most people still rear their animals near/inside their home compounds, sometimes the animals enter into their kitchens.

2.   Water quality and supply

Water source from the mountains. 15 years ago when Branca visited the community where the water source is, she found out that many children were dying from diarrhoea, from the contaminated water source. She then started a water project in that community to protect the water source – fencing it up, covering it and piping the water to the homes. Lives started improving as the water quality improved. 4 years ago, Branca visited the water source and found that there wasn’t maintenance done and most of the covering/protection for the water source was destroyed. Many have diarrhoea and water related  sicknesses now because they have been drinking from a dirty water source directly. There are also skin problems related to a contaminated water source.

3.    Livelihood of villagers

Some villagers work as cleaners employed by the government in Dili, most sell wood/local produce e.g. sago. Some work in the local schools as teachers.

4.    Microfinance through farming

Seven families work together on a church land growing vegetables and fruits which they sell in the local market (a central market which serves 6 hamlets (sub-villages) and also some outlying villages). They keep the income earned from the sale of the produce and use it for their own necessities. Some vegetables and fruits are also used for the school (Kids’ Ark) and the disability centre. Depending on weather conditions and also the yield/quality of the vegetables/fruits, each month’s income ranges from $150-400. Sometimes, entire crops can be destroyed by animals who enter the farmland (because of the lack of a secured fence), or by bad irrigation or extreme weather. When these happens, everything on the land is lost/destroyed.

5.    Weather in Sidara

The months of November, December and January are the rainy seasons. The rest of the year is the dry season. During the dry season, winds can be very strong and the extreme weather makes it difficult to grow crops. During seasons of extreme dry weather in Sidara, some villagers go up to the hills to plant crops like tubers/potatoes etc so at least there is something to sell/sustain livelihood.

6.    Communal space

No permanent space for community enjoyment right now, but shelters/tents are put up as a communal space when there are community events.

Above information is provided by Branca through personal interviews and email exchanges with Mr Damian Tang, IFLA Asia Pacific President.

Mr Damian Tang is taking the lead to design and implement this pilot project with target completion 2019.

If you are interested to join him in this project, please email your interest asiapac_uniseal_rbfund@yahoo.com with subject Project Sidara

Landscape architect’s role

The project is to design and implement a water management system to create a sustainable water source; to redesign and implement better/ conducive farming facilities, a communal garden for villagers to enjoy and a simple field for kids to kick a ball. It is a simple project with high impact that falls within a hectare and should not exceed the budget of $20k.

Target: The pilot project aims to benefit minimally 3 villages of about hundred over families with more than 500 members.

Expected commitment for the project

Off-site study – Information gathering, objectives & outcomes, identify the site, scope and contact person (DONE)
Site visit #1 – Site feasibility studies, pre-construction documentation, design and recommending/ finalizing design & action plans (3-5 days)
Site visit #2 – Design improvement & Implementation (approx. 8 days)
Site visit #3 – Post construction documentation, interviews, feedback and observations


Reveal 115 Winners of the IFLA AAPME Awards 2018

19 July 2018 (Thursday)
7.00pm – 10.00pm
Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands Singapore 
All Award winners will be honored at the IFLA World Congress Awards Gala. Cost of Gala Dinner will be charged separately under IFLA2018.
*see the available packages below the Award Recipients List
Outstanding Award – Above 86
Outstanding Award is the highest award honoured for IFLA AAPME Awards 2018 where the project exceeds all areas of expectations in terms of quality, standards and thought leadership of design and practice, making it an exemplary project and benchmarks for others.

Award of Excellence – 76-85
Award of Excellence is the prestigious recognition for excellence in overall planning, design quality and practice, strongly demonstrated in the process and execution of the works under its category.

Honourable Mention – 65-75
Honourable Mention is a deserving honour and recognition for the good quality and high standards shown in the landscape architecture project for its planning, design and practice under its category.

Full Package @ SGD2,500 before GST (worth SGD2,888)*

  • 1 no. of Kiosk counter at IFLA sponsor showcase area
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Group Dinner Ticket only @ SGD260 before GST per ticket  (worth SGD280.50)

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*If you are interested to reserve the full package, please contact Ms. Emily Chua at +65 6403 2105 or email emily@singex.com

An exclusive rate @ Marina Bay Sands Hotel has been secured for our guests and partners of IFLA World Congress 2018. The room rate is as low as SGD 330++ per night (usual rate is starting from SGD450++ per night). We recommend all our guests & partners to leverage on this special privilege and enjoy the stay at the iconic hotel of Singapore. Most importance, you will have a seamless experience traveling between the hotel to the convention.

The accommodation rate will be as below:

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