IFLA AAPME Award – Resilience by Design to Co-Create

IFLA AAPME Jury Panel is formed by 13 IFLA national association presidents from Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions who will be judging the entries for Stage 1. Only accepted entries will proceed to Stage Two.

Stage Two and Final Stage Jury Panel consists of 14 distinguished members from 100 Resilient Cities, ICOMOS, World Green Building Council, Sasaki, World Heritage Institute of Training and Research, IFLA Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East regions, including recent Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award winner Emeritus Professor Dirk Sijmons and our IFLA President Professor Kathryn Moore.

With the respected credentials and prestige grounding the award, IFLA Asia Pacific Region is also pleased to announce UNISEAL GLOBAL PTE LTD as the AAPME Founding Sponsor for this Award. UNISEAL has pledged a total sum of up to $100,000 for two years to implement resilience building projects for communities in the AAPME regions. More details will be shared at a later stage.

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