Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA)

CHSLA is a non-profit, science popularizing, national mass organization as legal corporate composed of professionals volunteering from the professionals of landscape architecture all over the country .It is member of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and IFLA, attached to Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development (MOHURD).

CHSLA aims to organize and unite the LA professionals .It aims also to foster a devotion towards preservation of national natural, cultural and historical resources, build eco-friendly and beautiful habitat environment, inherit and develop the excellent tradition of Chinese landscape architecture, absorb the advanced world science and technology, establish and improve a scientific system of LA with Chinese characteristics, raise the level of the science and technology of the LA, promote the training of the professionals ,and work for people’s needs of fine natural environment.

Current Executive Committees:
President:  Xiaoli Chen

IFLA Delegate:  Xiaoming Liu  

Number of Members:           
CHSLA Membership size in 2016:  over 3000 (including those involved in design, construction, management and research)

Note: the 350 members is the base for Chsla to ifla dues since Chsla membership fee is only about 7 USD each year)

Contact Details:                
Fax: +86-10-58933918
Address: 9 Sanlihe Road, Beijing 100835, China
Email:   /

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