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The OPEN category aims to encourage submissions from, but not limited to, product or system suppliers, contractors, specialists, architects, engineers, artists, developers, playground designers, graphic designers, horticulturists, who are contributor to any landscape projects. Following sub-categories embrace the importance of these professions and partners who have played an important role in successful projects where:

i. their role and scope of works may be limited but significantly integral to the outcome of the project;

ii. their works and scope contributed to the landscape industry, the urban landscapes and the liveable environment.

This category is open to non-landscape architecture firms. However, the landscape architects should make recommendations to their partners to support and encourage their submissions. This category MUST all be built projects. 

Courtyard & Small Gardens – focus on quality turnkey projects of small landscape spaces and the quality of intimate spaces created for user’s experience.

Environmental Art & Sculpture – focuses on the efforts and design of the artist or author who understood the design intent and context of the place with the added mastery of his/her work.

Greenwall design -focuses on the design and implemented greenwall systems to ensure the quality of aesthetics and sustainability are well integrated. The context of the place, challenges and climate must be taken into considerations. 

*Integrated architecture – focuses on the efforts and design of architects, builders or implementors who worked closely with the landscape architects to ensure the holistic integration of the architecture with the landscape. Please see note.

*Integrated engineering – focuses on the efforts and design of various engineers who made contributions to the success of the projects. Please see note.

Lighting & Night experience – focus on the creative lighting or effective light installation that enhances the night experience aligned to the design intent of the place and project.

*Maintenance – focus on the quality of maintenance by contractors who have understood the design intent of the past completed projects and upkeep/ improve the integrity of the project to the highest standards. Please see note.

Play & Playground design – focuses on the playscape and the use of appropriate play equipments or fun elements to enhance the quality of the space and experience of the users.

Real estate& Show flats – focus on the exquisite design and execution of landscape projects for real estate and property show flats where developers are proud of. 

Streetscapes& Planting – focus on the design and implementation of streetscapes from effective landscape strategy, good planting palette to quality implementation.

Way-finding& Signage  – focus on the creative design and effective way-finding strategies to enhance and complement the holistic approach of the project. The signage design and content should reflect the design intent and thoughts of the landscape architects or clients or the context of the place.

Note: *This sub-category submission requires an accompanied letter of support/endorsement of quality by the client or landscape architect. This support is to ascertain the quality and understanding of both parties. Signature and endorsement stamp of the supporting company is mandatory.


  • USD 800 per submission.
  • USD 300 per submission for IFLA Asia Pacific Corporate Member (To join our Corporate Membership, please click here)

Submission Requirements

A1 digital Portrait poster submission of 300dpi resolution AND quality PowerPoint slides with high quality images of no more than 20 slides. All write ups must be clearly  incorporated. Please notethe requirements of supporting letters for Integrated architecture, Integrated engineering & Maintenance.

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