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Covid-19 has brought opportunities to tie us together regardless of the physical distances. Singapore-based LA-future (a spin-off group from Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects) and 駐英台-景觀筆記 (Taiwan UK Landscape Architecture Notes) hosted an online hang-out session on 14th August for young LAs to share studio/class projects and learnings from their school-life, spreading across the ...

People Moves

Mr. Ranatunga is an esteemed member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects. In 2002, Mr. Ranatunga attained an individual membership (2002-2009) from the IFLA World Congress held in Riga, Latvia, and was later appointed the first Vice-President and Country Delegate after the SLILA was established in 2009. 

People Moves

IFLA APR President, Mr. Takano tells us about the late Dr. Nakamura.

Dr. Tetsu Nakamura worked to help hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan. Awarded the Afghan national medal in 2018, Dr. Nakamura was highly respected by locals and his coffin was carried by Afghan president Ghani himself.

Read more about the incredible feats of Dr. Nakamura during a eventful life. An inspirational tale of a ...