President's Message: December 2023


Chris Tidswell

Dear IFLA delegates and friends,


I am thankful for the privilege given to me to serve International Federation of Landscape Architects Asian Pacific Region (IFLA APR) Honorary Secretary from 2021 - 2023 and now President.

In this previous term, I had the pleasure to support Monica Kuo the previous IFLA APR President and the EXCO members to expand the network and raise awareness of what we region and the pacific islands to strengthen Asia Pacific region’s core capabilities while doing so. I would like to personally thanks Monica and the previous serving EXCO members.

The motivation behind standing for IFLA APR president stems from the experiences through my professional career. As mentioned, I was the IFLA APR Honorary Secretary, a past Australian Institute of Landscape Architect (AILA) National Board Director and the Company Secretary.

I believe I am a worthy candidate and given his past knowledge of IFLA APR as Honorary Secretary, as an AILA Delegate and AILA as a National Board Director and Company Secretary can positively contribute on behalf of ALIA in the APR Region.

My knowledge in Corporate Governance and as I have served on the AILA National Practice Committee, AILA National Advocacy Committee and AILA National Gender Equity Working Group. I was also on the committee that selected the current Chief Executive Officer.

I am a Director at Arcadia Landscape Architecture. Arcadia is an Australian privately-owned company which has offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane with over 60 staff. He has practiced in all built environment sectors, with projects internationally and in all states and territories of Australia - allowing me to gain knowledge and contacts over the last 17 years.

My multi-disciplinary professional experience with Landscape and Architectural Masters accompanied with Project Management qualifications give me a good collaborative understanding of professions.

Finally, I am very thankful to be elected and with my previous experience and skills I will be looking to achieve the below as IFLA APR president:

  • I will promote the landscape architecture profession in the region within a collaborative partnership of the allied built-environment professions, working towards the highest standards of education, research and professional practice, and providing leadership and support for stewardship in matters of the landscape.
  • Continue to lead IFLA APR Executive and join the IFLA APR Advisory Board
  • I currently Chair IFLA APR Executive Committee Meetings and Annual General Meetings and will continue too – with close connections to committee chairs and IFLA World
  • Lead various strategic IFLA APR Key objectives and drive action to promote the exchange of knowledge, research, skills and experience in landscape architecture across the cultures and communities of the region
  • Create partnerships and relationships with IFLA Current President and past world Presidents
  • Work closely with the Secretariat and manage the MCI Mandate
  • Lead the Registration and Constitutional Reform for IFLA APR
  • Have been and would look to be future Jury Member for: “AAPME Awards 2022” and the “IFLAAPR YLAA Design Competition 2023”
  • Partnership and to continue to look for opportunities between IFLA and AILA
  • He has detailed Knowledge of the IFLA APR Constitution and Governance Model
  • Represent the regional organisation in an effective, efficient, collaborative, and cooperative manner in the best interests of the IFLA APR and the profession, in accordance with the Constitution and the Strategic Plan
  • Lead and take overall responsibility for the implementation and administration of the IFLA APR Strategic Plan
  • Attract emerging and new member nation associations



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Chris Tidswell

IFLA APR President