IFLA Asia Pacific Region Landscape Charter



Landscapes are the result of unique combinations of biophysical, cultural and social processes, evolving over time and interwoven with memory, perception and tradition and should be protected from insensitive or inappropriate change or development.


In April 2015,  the  IFLA Asia Pacific Region Landscape Charter was formally adopted by IFLA APR Executive.  A full copy of the Charter can be downloaded here: Download


What is the Charter?

The Charter is the IFLA Asia-Pacific Region’s declaration of a set of fundamental principles to support the active stewardship of, advocacy for, and enhancement of the landscapes of our region. It serves as a set of guiding principles for landscape architects, and as a frame of reference to inform decision-makers about the broad scope of landscape matters.

The Charter sets out policies, principles, definitions and values for the protection, planning, enhancement, design and management of landscapes in our region, and provides a framework through which other disciplines, Government agencies and departments, and other stakeholders can cooperate on landscape and landscape-related issues.


How Can I Support the Charter?

The Charter provides an opportunity for the widest possible range of stakeholders in the landscape to be invited to become signatories and uphold the principles of the Charter, while also working towards the achievement of the goals of the Charter. Signatories may include representatives of Government agencies or departments, regional and local authorities, indigenous peoples, individuals, organisations that represent various stakeholders with an interest in landscape, or organisations that represent professions with an interest in landscape.

If you or your orgainisation are interested in becoming a signatory to the Charter then you can download the declaration here: Download

Then sign and return to the APR secretariat at and we will add you to the list of signatories.


Current Charter signatories:

Australia (AILA)
Indonesia (ISLA)
Iran (ISLAP)
Japan (J_IFLA)
Malaysia (ILAM)
New Zealand (NZILA)
Singapore (SILA)
Thailand (TALA)
Taiwan (CTLAS)