Japanese Landscape Architects Union

The organization consists of diverse members including Civil engineers, Architects, Academics, Artist, Garden Designers, and L.A. Practitioners.

Registered Landscape Architects in Japan now count more than 600 people, who have successfully passed the registration examination of RLA.

With these (JLAU member ) people as the basis, we have established the Japan Landscape Architects Union (this April of 2013), and the establishment Party for this will be held on November 2nd of 2013. IFLA-Japan and JLAU will be having closer relationships with each other.


Website: http://jlau.or.jp/


Number of Members: To be updated


Current Executive Committees:

President: Mr. Yoshiki Toda

Vice President: Mr. Hiraga Tatsuya, Prof. Kenta Shinozawa, Mr. Hiroki Kutsuna

IFLA Delegate: Prof. Dr. Misato Uehara,

IFLA Vice Delegate: Prof. Dr. Takanori Fukuoka,

JLAU IFLA Committee : Mr. Kiyohito Tamotsu


Address: 150-0041, 1-20-11 Shinnnan, ibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Landscape Hall 6F
Telephone/Fax: +81-3-6902-0687


IFLA-Japan Office Email: jimukyoku@jlau.or.jp
Misato Uehara Email: ueharam@shinshu-u.ac.jp / yukiarai@shinshu-u.ac.jp
Takanori Fukuoka Email: tfukuoka@gmail.com
Kiyohito Tamotsu Email: kiyomail4@gmail.com