LOSFEE Co., Ltd. (Japan, Tokyo Office)

  • Address: 1201-3-1 Youka-machi, Hachioji Tokyo, JAPAN 192-0071
  • Website: www.losfee.jp
  • Contact Person: 
    Name: Kiyohito Tamotsu
    Email Address: kiyomail4@gmail.com
    Phone number: +81 80 3435 6316
  • Conditions:
    Internship period: Negotiable
    Work hours: 0900-1700
    Types of work: Research, Landscape and Urban Design, Machizukuri Workshop
  • Financial support: Self-funded
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Required skills: Communication. Loves people, plants, and design.
  • Accommodation requirements: All expenses for the internship are covered by the student.
  • Photos (Office building, workspace, etc.):