President's Message: August 2023


Monica Kuo

To celebrate IFLA's 75th anniversary, the organizing committee has promoted a number of key and important activities, including:

- Publishing the IFLA 75th Anniversary Green Book

- Organization of IFLA 75th Anniversary Webinar

- Strengthening exchanges and alliances with relevant international organizations

APR's report has been compiled and submitted o ExCo for review, , the main highlights include

- Establish and promote an evaluation and accreditation system for landscape professional education in Asia’s universities with IBP from Indonesia awarded this year.

- IFLA APR constitutional changes and company registration, which was due to the alignment with the IFLA World Constitution and ensuring constitutional between regions. The proposal is IFLA APR as in Singapore as a non-profit company by guarantee – to be consistent with Compliance with Singapore Laws and ACRA. We have also compiled the history of APR's development over the past 50 years, which will be compiled and published in the 75th Anniversary Green Book.


APR Secretary General Chris Tidswell will also represent IFLA President Bruno at the ISUH (International Society for Urban Health) regional meeting in Sydney on August 28-30, which will feature ACE (Oceania Regional Group for the Accelerating City Equity). In this ISUH, ACE (Oceania Regional Group for the Accelerating City Equity) was chosen to discuss how oceanic countries can promote environmental and social justice in their cities.

IFLA and ISUH have formed a partnership platform to promote urban environmental justice in oceanic countries through workshops and visits to exchange strategies for highlighting cities in each oceanic country.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of IFLA-EAA Chair Alessandro Martinelli, an unprecedented and highly successful Webinar was held on July 27th, with Gunther Vogt, Yu Kongjian, and Laurie Olin as speakers, and Julian Raxworthy, Hanna Jurisch, Rosalea Monacella as panelists. More than 500 people from over 70 countries participated in this online seminar on (The Landscape Culture Today and Tomorrow). Highlights of the topics included:

  • How to build a landscape vocabulary for different cultures (countries).
  • How to rethink and retrain landscape education systems
  • How to emphasize the cultural and local diversity of the world.
  • How to realize that landscape is a way of life and thinking.


We are very grateful to Alex, former EAA Chair of APR, for organizing this event, and APR is honored to be the co-organizer of this Webinar.

In addition to the IFLA Conference in September, members are invited to register for the IFLA-APR Regional Conference in Tokyo in November.