President's Message: February 2024


Chris Tidswell

Greetings Friends,


This is my first President's Message, and I am immensely honoured to take on the role and would like to say thank you for the APR region and the very talented and experienced Executive Committee.

Six weeks have passed since we started 2024 and it has gone very fast! We also celebrate in the Asian Pacific Region the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) and wish all our colleagues and friends a prosperous 2024!

The changes around us—whether it be social, political, technological, scientific, economic, or otherwise are often shape our perspectives within the region but we always encourage a united front. IFLA-APR region has a very diverse region in terms of linguistic, cultural, historical and political traditions, demography, and stages of economic development and this has given rise to the precious uniqueness of our region. This diversity is what gives us unique experiences and skills that can used to better advance the landscape architecture professions.

Amongst other natural disasters in our regions, we specifically send our best wishes to the Demak and Grobogan districts of Central Java, Indonesia who have seen devastating flooding.

The IFLA APR Executive Committee has hit the ground running in 2024 with two full agenda meetings. Our Executive Committees being formalised and look to meet regularly to tackle issues within the landscape architecture profession in the IFLA APR Region.

We are talking about opportunities with thinking around regional recognition and accreditation and on integrating our Young LA Alliance (YLAA) across all committees. We are also looking to establish a IFLA APR Operation Plan.

I look forward to working with all of you in the effort to ensure a great year for IFLA APR!


Warm Regards, 

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Chris Tidswell

IFLA APR President