President's Message: July 2022


Monica Kuo

There are a few exciting news this month. The 2022 IFLA-APR Council Member Election was completed on 6/24, and the new term list will announce the Regional Congress in Seoul next month. This month, we also reviewed a few individual members and will soon announce the results. We open whole-heartedly to landscape architects who’re willing to join us as individuals and look forward to the future of the organization, membership, education, certification and participation in team activities to promote the establishment of the official National Association. The Exco Meeting also approved several important financial support principles, as stipulated in the Constitution, for the relevant international conferences.

In order to continue to promote YLAA, we will provide grants for 5 YLAA members to attend the World Congress in 2022 Korea, thanks to the long-term promotion of YLAA Chair Damian. In the next two years, under the leadership of the new Standing Committee Chairs, we will promote international workshops for young students, organize excellent case study visits (especially for AAPME Awards projects), and increase the number of related on-the-job training courses, forums and cross-disciplinary exchanges. We are grateful to MCI Secretariat for their continuous assistance in secretarial matters, especially the newly launched Talk & Share video service.

The third Talk & Share is scheduled for 7/29. Please join Damian Tang, Past President of IFLA APR; Ricardo Riveros, President of IFLA Americas Region; Graham Young, President of IFLA Africa Region; Dr. Sridevi Rao, President of Indian Society of Landscape Architects; and Monica Kuo, President of IFLA APR in this session on Empowering our role in professional association.

We hope that all members will promote and advocate for the IFLA-APR, and especially hope that we can make good use of this platform for public interaction, professional sharing and rolling growth to enhance the energy and social responsibility of all the IFLA-APR family.