President's Message: May 2023


Monica Kuo

Dear readers,

We’re almost in the mid of 2023, and there are a few updates for May. The current term of IFLA-APR EXCO members will end this year and a new term will be open to those who have ideals, enthusiasm and the ability to create and integrate international and professional services to run for the new term. Positions opening this year include:

  1. IFLA-APR President
  2. IFLA-APR Honorary Secretary
  3. IFLA-APR Standing Committee Chair - Communication and External Relations
  4. IFLA-APR Standing Committee Chair - Finance and Business Planning
  5. IFLA-APR Working Group Chair - Landscape without Borders
  6. IFLA-APR Working Group Chair - Climate Change

Due to the Covid-19, we have not had the opportunity to meet face-to-face in the past, rather, we have moved to online for discussion and exchanges. Luckily in the APR region, we still have various activities connecting us, including AAPME Awards, YLAA and LA & Luminary Awards and these have greatly enhanced our professionalism and our impact on the society.

Luminary Awards is the highest honor for professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the landscape profession, and are highly recognized and inspiring. We are very grateful for the active participation of our member organizations and look forward to the 2023 results! So far we have collected quite a lot of nomination and entries, I look forward to the winners and thank you all for your participation.

IFLA-APR has a very diverse geographic climate and ethnic and cultural diversity within the overall IFLA structure, and this has given rise to the precious uniqueness of our region. As IFLA and UN-Habitat are drafting an MOU on further collaborations, I aspire to see deepened ties between the APR region and UN organizations.

We look forward to introducing more corporate members to the landscape related companies, and we look forward to expanding our professional capacity at this turning point of global change, and to forming alliances with the best professionals in the community, so that we can work together to create the future! Stay tuned for the Talk and Share in coming months as we’ll invite a few representative from non-member state and LAWB chair to delve more into the challenges and opportunities in the current landscape architecture profession.