Siam Green Sky: Project Statement

Siam Green Sky, the first and largest green roof of its kind in Thailand, is an urban farming and agricultural learning center in the commercial heart of Bangkok. The project is a showcase to reclaim wasted concrete roof space for a productive landscape and introduce urban agriculture to a densely populated and highly developed area. Thailand was historically an agricultural society, and today urban Thais are disconnected from this past. The project elevates the role of landscape architecture to social enterprise: it acts as a space for education and advocacy, and the design firm organized and ran the center’s educational programming in its first year. The center contains an outdoor amphitheatre where members of the public are invited to attend workshops, teaching urbanites how food gets from ground to table. The farm contains all edible plants, including native plants that are now hard to find in Bangkok. With a productive urban farm just steps from many high-end malls in central Bangkok, Siam Green Sky changes the perception of agriculture, and landscape architects become food activists and educators.