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If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that complacency is something we can no longer afford. As landscape architects, we recognize the complex interconnectedness of planetary systems, and the dynamic relationships between people, places and other living entities. How do we heal our relationships with nature, with the places we live, work and play, and with each other?


IFLA APR EAA is currently strengthening landscape education knowledge in various countries. Starting from Taiwan, we collected award-winning projects in the field of landscape architecture in Asia (currently taking CTLAS, TILA, IFLA Asia-Pac LA award-winning works as examples). In the near future, we will extend this data collection to various countries of award-winning works.

Council Meetings

The 2020 IFLA APR council meeting was held on 21 August, not in Penang where we were all meant to be, but as a virtual meeting instead due to the covid19 pandemic. In spite of my misgivings about running a meeting across six time zones with nearly 60 attendees, it went extremely well and I want to record my thanks to our secretariat team for enabling such a smooth and professional event on a ...

Working Groups

“Design professionals have no choice but to learn to adapt and adopt, and try to create new designs that answer to new requirements.”

I think it is about balance. In the past, balance probably means balancing between budget and cost. Now I think it is more about balancing our needs and nature’s needs. We do not live alone on this planet. We have to learn how to live with nature and other ...

Working Groups

“More than ever, Landscape Architects are very much relevant as we adapt to the challenges.”

The profession is required to redefine what public spaces are, recalibrate their function,
sustain them for public wellness and social bridging, and redesign them to accommodate the requirements of our public. The profession is likewise challenged to rethink how to make business set-up more fluid ...

Working Groups

“Now it is our time”

“There is a risk in the rush to restart the economy that climate and environmental concerns are forgotten in a race to restore the status quo. I’d like to think that Landscape Architects will play a more influential role in defining a future that has increased emphasis on resilience, community, local economies, the public realm, and the environment. As James Corner famously ...

Working Groups

Can our landscape design overcome the pandemic?

From now on, landscape architects need to provide aesthetics of space that can persuade
scientists and policymakers. Landscape architects should be more innovative to provide new design methods and systems that can integrate science into the realm of art. There has always been a gap between the landscape of art and the landscape of numbers ...

Working Groups

We see a reverse migration happening now. In India, people are moving from cities to rural areas. Government authorities should recognize this trend and plan towards sustainable rural development which could ease the pressure on Indian cities. Public Open Spaces shall become the focus of the Public Health Policy with a cross-disciplinary collaboration leading to healing spaces, at the local ...

Working Groups

“We neglected the signs the earth has given us.”

This pandemic is a really hard warning that we really have to give more attention to the earth. Proper use of resources, balanced use of materials, life-water-carbon-cycle should be kept in mind, and realised in our daily life so that our next generation will find that their ancestors are caring parents.

Working Groups

“The coronavirus has taught us that nature is the owner of this world. Not the people.”

In Kuala Lumpur, the Gombak river that for hundred years flowing with murky and contaminated water seems to be clear and less polluted during the pandemic. We learned that nature can be healed. We learned that we have lots of energy and spirit to keep this world healthier and greener. We are the steward of ...